The month of December 2020 has already begun, a very difficult year for everyone worldwide due to the covid-19 pandemic that hit us all at the end of 2019 and others in 2020; despite the fact that our lifestyle has changed at all levels (social, economic and political); However, this did not stop our activities but with more caution when doing them, including the use of the Internet to do work at home in most jobs.

Already adapting and looking for a way to try to make these quarantine times more pleasant and not monotonous of routine life at home, many events have been carried out with great success online since people enjoy recreational activities and there is nothing better than an event especially if it is musical that one can attend without putting oneself in danger of being infected.

Among the events that will be held in December 2020, one will be held in Argentina, from December four (4) to eight (8), the San Clemente Salsa Congress 2020 Online, where the Workshops will be held every day, music live, shows, presentation of live DJs, interaction with the public and raffles.

San Clemente Salsa Congress 2020 Online
San Clemente Salsa Congress – Artists

Its name derives from the Argentine seaside resort and tourist city of La Costa in the province of Buenos Aires, called San Clemente del Tuyú, which is located on the northern coast of the Argentine Sea. Its organizer is Mr. Gerardo Osvaldo Russo who was born on July 3, 1984 who lives in the beautiful city of San Clemente del Tuyu, who in turn is the director of the Salsa y Sentimiento Academy and has extensive experience in the tropical musical genre already performed by the Caribbean Rhythms faculty in the “SAOCO” study.

It would be this year the seventh (7th) International Congress of Salsa, Bachata and Caribbean Rhythms and in turn known as the most important congress of the Atlantic Coast, Argentina, only this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation it will be held Online for the safety of your guests

The schedule of activities would be as follows:

Subscription is 100% free and live a healthy and safe adventure inside your home, just by having your computer and internet access, do not miss this great opportunity.

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Tune to the Bachatakiz Live Festival on Facebook Live

Current situation with regard to the pandemic

It is undeniable that the world has changed for a few months because of the sanitary situation resulting from Covid-19 and it may not be the same in a really long time. There have been many consequences arising from the pandemic caused by this new virus and one of them was the inability to perform concerts or massive events at the possibility of spreading it among the attendees. 

All this has caused many artistssingers, and dancers to adapt to new circumstances in order to survive in the competitive entertainment business. One of the means through which this has been possible is the use of social networks that have served as a springboard to continue to provide artistic content without the public having to be on siteThis was unthinkable a few years back, but now it is a reality that permits no debate. 

At this point in the yearit is very common to see personalities of all kinds from the entertainment world maintaining contact with their followers in a virtual way to keep their interest. In factplatforms have been introduced to upload or stream content, so only those who pay for it can enjoy it. 

Bachatakiz Live Festival

Bachatakiz Festival and other rhythms
logo of the Bachatakiz Live Festival with lots of information

One of those many events that will be carried online is the Bachatakiz Live Festivalwhich will be broadcast on Facebook Live next weekThis festival will be the best proof that there are no impediments to people enjoying good music in any circumstanceeven if it is unfavorable. 

This first edition of the Bachatakiz Live Festival offers viewers the presence of 10 great bachata and kizomba artists from all over France. In the same waythese artists will squander their talent with a good number of musical genres such as bachata, kizomba, afrohouse, urbankiz, among others. 

It is noteworthly that all these genres are becoming more and more present in musical events held in the Old Continenttelling of a genuine interest from Europeans in knowing much more about African culture and everything that derives from itWellthis wonderful festival offers them a great opportunity to learn how to dance these cherry rhythms. 

Guests at the event: 

 – Kriss et Aurélie (La roche sur Yon) 

 – Alexandre et Jessica (Nantes) 

 – Mickaël et Malaury (Angoulême) 

 – Miguel Fossati (Nantes) 

 – Emmanuel Landry (Nantes) 

 – Laure Inglèse (Lyon) 

 – Moh Abchi (Nantes) 


The Bachatakiz Live Festival in November 2020
Timetable of the Bachatakiz Live Festival with all its activities

 As we already mentionedthere are many methods for monetizing online events and generating income thanks to them. In this case, each one interested in enjoying the festival must pay a price of 10 euros. 

In this wayit is possible to click on the link that redirects to the private Facebook group where the event will be broadcast. Withoutdoubtit is a revolutionary form of keeping safe and protected from the spread of Covid-19 and the health risks that this entails. 

This pandemic has come to make a really big difference for us and it is up to us to adapt or succumb to itFortunatelywe have a good number of tools that enable us to make progress under the most difficult of circumstancesYou have to make the most of them as much as possible.